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Noble Rey Brewing Company was doing a Pint Night at a local restaurant but no one brought a banner, or had put the information on the chalk board. I had just bought a Hey You Sign and grabbed it out of my car. You SAVED the day! People knew that if they bought a pint, they got to keep the Noble Rey glass – thanks to your sign.

Leslie Rigoulot

We serve moms at all stages (pregnancy, with babies and toddlers in tow, or just moms). Our classes are at various locations, mostly outdoors, and never in a gym. I needed something that I could write out the elements of the workout on, but wasn’t challenging to transport. It needs to fold up to fit under my stroller, in the back of the car, and out of the way when not in use. I also love the carrying case. It will keep everything in one place so I always have what I need in order to write up my workout. The size is ideal. Big enough for moms to see it from a bit of a distance, but not too big to carry easily. I can’t wait to get started with my Hey You! sign!!!

AJ Axtell

Instructor, Fit4Mom

Hey You! Signs were perfect for our Volleyball event. Our group was so thrilled to have Hey You! portable signs at our most recent outing. Thanks for adding to the fun and camaraderie of the game!

D. Marlins

I met Ron at a business expo and immediately thought the portable dry erase boards was a very clever idea. Each year our church, North Park Baptist, goes on yearly international mission trips and often times we are in pretty remote locations. Chalkboards and dry erase boards are hardly ever present to facilitate the teaching that we are doing. This year we went to the West Nile part of Uganda and served with our local missionary to help plant churches, train the pastors, train the women, and did vacation Bible school for thousands of children. Our focus is train the people of Uganda on how to evangelize and the true meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Below are pictures of our trip.
Here is a couple of our young adults teaching the local pastors on how to evangelize with a tool called the 3 circles. Once we train them we send them out into their villages so that they can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends and loved ones.

After they come back from sharing they tell us how many people the shared with and how many accepted Jesus as their savior as seen above.

The fact that the boards are so versatile really helps us to use them in a variety of different locations.

We ended up leaving 4 dry erase boards for the local pastors to use themselves when doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for such a creative idea that has helped us be a lot more effective in our training.

Melissa Miller

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